Thursday, February 6, 2014

杏仁瓦片 Almond Tuiles

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這個杏仁瓦片,雖然沒有像法文名字tuiles=瓦片一樣,彎起來,剛出爐時還是有彎的塑性,只是我懶惰沒彎,下次再做時再來彎,如果沒忘記的話XD...附食譜做法(recipe included)...

這批almond tuiles真是酥脆無比又香濃,K寶嚐都不願意嚐,說: I'm so sick of nuts...暴龍則是嚐了一塊後,再來一片的興趣不大,兩人都奇蹟式的沒啥興趣,真是太棒了,因為沒做太多,結果通通下了我的肚肚,要不是怕吃太多火氣大,天天都想來做,不過我想,也許喝下午茶來配,應該會比較不上火:P...

最近很懶得寫食譜/網誌,但又不喜歡部落格長草,所以有人想要食譜,我再post吧XD,我自己通常在Google G+自己的烘焙社區晃晃,或是麵包社區跟人聊聊,最近又常去食物攝影社區走動,所以比較沒閒時間,倒是交了不少世界各地的朋友,增加不少的見識...

Almond Tuiles (About 6-8 tuiles) 材料及作法(1 cup=1杯=250ml, 1/4 cup=60ml, 1/3 cup=80ml, 1 tbsp=1大匙=15ml, 1 tsp=1小匙=5ml, 1 lb=454g)

1 egg white
2 tbsp granulated sugar
1 tbsp oil
pinch of salt

Put all the above ingredients into a mixing bowl. Mix to blend well.

2 tbsp all-purpose flour
1/2 cup almond slices

再加入麵粉攪勻,最後加入杏仁片攪勻,每次舀一大匙,一一攤平在鋪上parchment peper的烤盤上,杏仁片最好不要重疊,才會烤均勻及酥脆

Add flour and blend well. Add almond slices and stir to mix well. Drop a tablespoon of batter each time onto the baking sheet lined with parchement paper. Spread it with your finger to make sure there's no overlaping of almond slices.

Preheat the oven to 350F, and bake for 13 minutes. All ovens vary. Adjust your baking time accordingly.


  1. Hello, I'm interested in getting the recipe! Would you mind sharing? Thanks!

    1. I don't mind at all but...who am I talking to? :P

    2. Oops, sorry. This is Amy from NY. I noticed a lot of recipes for this cookie requires self rising flour, so was just wondering if yours can use regular all purpose flour. Thanks much!

    3. No problem, Amy! Thanks for replying!
      I didn't use self-rising flour, just regular all-purpose flour instead.
      I'll post the recipe in a few minutes.

    4. Thanks so much. One more question before I make it. Will they get "chewy?" Last time when I made it, somehow it did not get crispy. It was just....tough and chewy. Epic fail!! Anyway, I will definitely try your recipe!!

    5. No problem! No, these are not chewy type of cookies.
      However they were soft when they were right out of oven and hot.
      Once they cooled down, they were super crispy.
      Let me know if they turn out OK. Thanks for trying out my recipe :)


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