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33%全麥優格餐包*5分鐘手揉麵團 || 33% Whole Wheat Yogurt Buns

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附食譜做法(recipe included)...

33%全麥優格餐包 (12)


未漂白高筋麵粉  266g 
全麥麵粉*白春麥(可用一般全麥麵粉)  134g 
冷壓初榨橄欖油  18g

原味優格 80g
溫牛奶  98g
溫水  100g (水量依不同麵粉調整)
白糖  32g  
鹽  5g
乾酵母  3g (1小匙) *或速酵2g (1/2~3/4匙)




4.滾圓後,放入溫暖烤箱中發酵,下方放置一盤熱水,以利保溫及保濕(夏天在室溫密閉容器內發酵即可),進行基本發酵,30分鐘後,進行翻面,再滾圓,繼續發至2倍大 ...翻面作法:將麵團拉長,摺成3摺信件式,轉90度,再將麵團拉長,再摺成3摺信件式




詳細翻面法請參看: 翻面示範在第5分鐘處
French bread Danielle Forestier 1
French bread Danielle Forestier 2

33% Whole Wheat Yogurt Buns (12)

Stainless steel baking pan, lightly buttered

266g unbleached bread flour
134g whole wheat flour*hard white spring wheat
18g extra virgin olive oil

80g plain yogurt
98g warm milk  
100g warm water (Water amount varies according to different flour types)
32g granulated sugar    
5g salt  
3g active dry yeast (Or 2g instant yeast)

1. Whisk the ingredients from A, except melted butter, in the mixing bowl.
Sprinkle olive oil evenly onto the mixture.

2. Mix all the ingredients above from B and stir until all dissolves.
Gradually pour onto the A mixture and use a wooden spoon to mix until a rough dough forms.
Start kneading the dough until it's not sticky and almost smooth about 5 minutes.
Shape it into a ball. Place the dough into a separated bowl and cover with a lid or plastic wrap.

3. Put the bowl in a warm oven with a pan of hot water underneath for fermentation.
The hot water helps maintain the temperature and humidity.
(Let dough ferment at room temperature in summer. Mist the dough to prevent skinning.)
Let the dough rise until double in size.

4. Take the dough out and shape it roughly into disc.
Like cutting a pie, divide it into 12 pieces.
Shape each dough into a ball.
Place the shaped dough in the baking pan.
Mist the dough with some water with spray bottle after shaping.

5. Place the shaped dough with the baking pan in a warm oven with hot water underneath.
The hot water helps maintain the temperature and humidity.
(Let dough ferment at room temperature in summer. Mist the dough to prevent skinning.)

6. Preheat the oven to 350F(177C), and bake for 18 minutes.
All ovens vary. Adjust your baking time accordingly.

This video shows how to stretch and fold the dough. Start it at 05:00.

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